Stroller Strides

Where do we meet for class?

Our outdoor location is Lake Lansing South Park and our indoor location is Happendance Studio. Check the facebook page for today's location! https://www.facebook.com/Fit4MomMeridianTownship

How many classes can I attend with the monthly membership?

The monthly membership is unlimited!

How much does Stroller Strides cost?

Your first class is free! A single class pass is $15.The monthly membership is a $75 one time registration fee and $60/month. There is also a 10-block class which is $130 for any 10 classes within a 6-month period, when it will expire. That being said, there is usually some sort of promotional deal happening, so check the facebook page for what's going on! https://www.facebook.com/Fit4MomMeridianTownship

Body Back

Can my children come to Body Back with me?

Body Back is a class just for moms, however, there is child care available for the mid-morning classes for a small fee; $5/child and if you have additional children it is $2/child after the first one. Check out our team tab to learn more about our child care person!

Can I make up a class if I know I am going to miss one?

Yes, there are several ways you can make up a class if you know you will miss one or 2. If you are going to miss 3 or more classes however, perhaps the next session of Body Back would suit your timing better.

How much does Body Back cost?

An 8-week session of Body Back class costs $300 if you are new. If you are a returning client, or a current Stroller Strides member, the cost drops to $250. For every referral of yours that signs up, you receive $25 off your total cost whether you are new or a returner.